What to Do in MessyJam??

We love to join our beautiful friends like CWS for charity Messy workshops & exhibitions! It's great to let the children know about 'giving' through fun creative sessions with colours & laughters!

We are blessed to be able to see this colourful world! So we created Messy6 characters since 2013 to spread the positive energy with different colours!

Bring us home in just HK$60 each and we'll donate HK$30 to ORBIS!! Send us an email for your order! Please support!!

We believe that everyone's creative! 
MessyExhibitions is a platform to organise solo exhibition & events for local artists / designers & MessyKids in various venues in town! Contact us if you want to organise your next exhibition!

We're available for Art classes, Team Building & Private party! Come & express yourself night & day!! Be Creative, Get Messy!

We do MessyExhibitions!!

We do Charity!!

We do Create - the Messy6!!