About MessyJam

Established in 2012, MessyJam has no specific learning mode, the main purpose is to let children to “be Creative & get Messy!” without any limiting their thinking as we believe the inverted classroom model provides the most effective educational development for a child’s brain.

MessyJam has no established learning mode, our philosophy is “Be creative, get Messy!”, which enable children to create without any boundary. We think that inverted mode of thinking could be the most effective way to learn.

We insist to let children to play freely and express as we believe children’s rambled creation, which may not easy to read, are the most beautiful innovation! Listen with patience and allow children to explain their concepts could be a great opportunity of parent-child interaction.

Sometimes adults may think children would not be able to learn much from making things messy, in fact, based on our experience, children can develop their problem solving skills and physical skills during the progress of creating a mess!